This Offer is Only Available for Cuckoo Products Distributed by K.E.Y. Company

You may register your product below to guarantee the 1 year warranty program.
6 month warranty extension will be applied only to qualified applicants.

How to Qualify for Six Month Warranty Extension?

  1. Your production number needs to be valid.
  2. It must not indicate ****P&K**** or ****CKA*****.
  3. You must upload correct receipt and production number from your rice cooker.
  4. Must not be purchased from or any other online platform besides
  5. Your registration must be within 1 year since you purchase the rice cooker.

What Does Warranty Cover?

All Cuckoo U.S. products come with a one year manufacturer warranty that covers mechanical parts and labor. Warranty does not cover items such as: dew dish, steam plate, measuring cup, rice scooper, cover packing, inner pots, inner lids and removable cover lids.

Warranty does not cover improper use, misuse, abuse, or neglect on the part of the owner. This warranty is invalid in any case that the product is taken apart or serviced by an unauthorized service station. This warranty gives you specific legal rights and they may vary from state to state. Warranty terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.

Customers are liable to ship the item back to us for servicing. Warranty coverage does not cover shipping costs for items sent to our service center for repair. Shippings costs may vary depending on your location and distance from our service center.

Please call our service center if you need to repair your rice cooker:

(323) 780-8808 ext. 114 (Mon. – Fri. 9am – 5pm PST)

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